Did you know there are actual days dedicated to taking your pet to work? It’s true! June 21st is Take Your Cat to Work Day and June 22nd is Take Your Dog to Work Day. In honor of these work-tastic holidays, we’ve compiled a few tips for successfully taking your furry friend to the office.

Some of you may be lucky enough to work in a pet-friendly office already, but for those of you who are thinking about taking your pet to work for the first time, this is for you!

Cover the Basics

Pets are naturally lovable, friendly, and… messy. Before you bring your dog or cat to work, it’s a good idea to pet-proof your work space. Lay out pee pads and bring a stain and odor removing cleaner just in case. If you’re bringing your dog to the office, you’ll also want to stock up on waste bags for your mid-day walks. If you’re bringing your cat along, it’s a good idea to bring supplies for a little office litter box – just make sure to keep it clean so the office doesn’t start to smell funky!

Prep Your Pet (And Your Coworkers!)

Bringing your pet to work should not be a surprise. If your office is pet-friendly and you’re planning to bring your furry friend for the first time, let your coworkers know. Especially if you’re going to be bringing your cat to work where there could be cat-chasing dogs already. Nothing is worse than an office animal debacle! If you’re bringing your pup along, consider grabbing something to keep him preoccupied as you head out for your morning commute – like his favorite treats!

Have Some Fun!

Bringing your pet to work should make the day even more enjoyable than usual! If the thought of bringing your dog or cat along makes you more stressed than excited, it’s okay to leave your furry friend at home. As a responsible pet owner, this is one of those times when you have to make the right decision for your animal. But, if you can’t wait to bring your best bud to work, then make it a special occasion! Plan a picnic in the park for lunch, or take an extra long afternoon walk. And be prepared for your coworkers to drool over just how cute your office pet is!

Do you have any tips for bringing your pet to the office? We’d love to hear ‘em in the comments!