If your job allows you to work from home – or is entirely remote – and you have pets, this is for you! Working from home with pets can be harder than it sounds, especially when they’re running around and being adorable all day. But don’t worry, here are our top three tips to turn your pets into your favorite coworkers!

Tip #1 For Working from Home With Pets: Designate a work space

While it may be tempting to work in bed or on the couch — if those are places your pet is allowed regularly — you’re asking for a personal space invasion! Nothing is more frustrating than trying to type on your laptop or write something down when your pet is making himself at home in your workspace. If you can, designate one specific area to work in. Maybe it’s a spare room or even the dining room table. Then, be consistent in not allowing your pet to jump up on your desk or drop slobbery toys on the table. That way, she’ll know when it’s work time and when it’s play time by where you are in the house.

Tip #2 For Working from Home With Pets: Keep noise down

If your job requires you to be on the phone or video chatting, you’ll want to keep four-legged interruptions to a minimum. Set up your work space in a room where the door can be closed if you can, so you can avoid an unwanted cameo during video chats. If your pup tends to bark, giving him a toy or Buffalo Range Chew to chew on and distract himself with can help. It’s also a good idea to let the person you’re speaking with know you have an animal in the house, in a professional manner, in case you have to quickly respond to an emergency.

Tip #3 For Working from Home With Pets: Don’t ignore your pet

Even if your pet stays home alone when you’re gone all day, just knowing you’re there will cause him to want more attention when you work from home. But just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take a few breaks, right? Take your pup out for a quick walk, or go for a tug-of-war sesh during lunch. If you have a cat that likes attention, spare a few minutes for some scratches. Working from home should be fun for you and your pet!

Hopefully these tips will make working from home with your pets less stressful and more successful. Let us know if you have any tips of your own in the comments!