In the first article in our series about bringing home a new puppy or kitten, we offered some basic tips for new pet parents. In this article, we’re going to offer some more specific tips—this time for pet parents who are welcoming a puppy into their home:

Get them potty trained

Puppies usually want to go potty about 30 minutes after they eat, drink, wake up or have a play session. That’s when you need to take them outdoors and wait until they’ve done their business. Praise them or give them a treat right after the mission is successful! At night, keep them confined to a room or crate and put a dog pad with an attractant, such as Simple Solution Training Pads, on the floor. If you’re going to be gone all day, try Simple Solution’s new All Day Dog Premium Pads, which can hold up to 10 cups of liquid (that’s a lot of pee) and eliminates those nasty pee and poop smells!

P.S. There will be accidents. We also recommend you stock up on pet cleaning products from a trusted brand like Simple Solution’s or OUT! Pet Care, and read here for tips on cleaning those puppy messes hassle-free.

Play with them daily

Puppy on grass with balloonsPlaying with your new puppy lets you teach them what’s good behavior (fetching a ball) and inappropriate (biting), which will help them become happy, well-adjusted adult pets. You can also start giving puppies simple obedience commands such as “sit.” Reward them with praise; never scold or hit. Negative praise doesn’t prevent it from happening again, and your pet may even instead become fearful of you.

Get them used to being groomed

Our vet Dr. Laura Wiles encourages people to groom their pets starting when they’re puppies. This helps them get used to not only being groomed, but also touched all over their body. You can find more tips in the grooming section of our blog.

Beagle puppy 3 months running

Socialize your furball

Do you want a friendly, happy adult dog? Then it’s important to introduce them when they’re puppies to new people, sights, sounds and experiences. Do it gradually by exposing them to one or two new things every day. Hold them and/or talk to them soothingly if they seem stressed (treats will help too!)

We’d like to congratulate you on becoming a new pet parent to a lovely little puppy and hope you have many happy years ahead with your new furry family member.