In the final article in our series about bringing home a new puppy or kitten, we’re focusing on kittens. If you’re about to welcome a new kitten into your home, you may find these tips helpful:

Get them potty trained

image001You knew we’d come to the pee and poop part at some point, didn’t you? If you have a new kitten, you’re in luck. Just put them in their cat litter box a few times and they’ll soon realize instinctively what it’s there for (cats are so smart!).

Play with them daily

Be ready for cuteness overload when you play with your furbaby – especially when they suddenly fall asleep. It’s not just fun for you though; playing with your new kitten lets you teach them appropriate play behavior and will help them become happy, well-adjusted adult pets. Reward them with praise; never scold or hit – they won’t link their actions to your anger and may become fearful of you.

Get them used to being groomed

Our vet Dr. Laura Wiles encourages people to groom their cats starting when they’re kittens if possible so they get used to not only being groomed, but also touched all over their body. You can find more tips in the grooming section of our blog.

Socialize your furball

Do you want a friendly, happy adult cat? Then it’s important to introduce them when they’re kittens to new people, sights, sounds and experiences. This will help make sure they don’t develop any negative associations or become fearful of the world around them and outside. Do it gradually by exposing them to one or two new things every day. Hold them and/or talk to them soothingly if they seem stressed (treats will help too!). You can take your kitten outside when she’s about five months old as long as she’s safely secured in a cat carrier. We’d like to congratulate you on becoming a new pet parent to a lovely little kitten and hope you have many happy years ahead with your new furry family member.