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Do you have a leaky puppy or dog? One who leaks pee all over the floor, carpet, sofa, bed – in fact, leaves puddles and stains everywhere? If you have a new puppy you’re trying to house train, it’s to be expected. But if it happens with an adult or older dog, schedule a visit to your vet to make sure she’s not suffering from a bladder infection or an illness such as diabetes.

If your dog has been checked and is healthy – or just getting old – don’t despair. The same goes if you have a puppy. There is a solution: dog diapers. Diapers for dogs, just like diapers for kids, offer the protection you need for your home and also for your peace of mind.

When should you use dog diapers?

Here are eight scenarios where you might want to consider using them:

  1. If you have a new puppy. Use a diaper as part of the house training process in case she has an accident inside.
  2. If you have an older dog who suffers from incontinence.
  3. When you know your pooch is going to be in a situation where he’ll get over-stimulated, leading to “excitable urination.”
  4. If your furry friend likes to leave scent marks around your house, a sign that he’s claiming it as his territory. Un-neutered male dogs tend to do this more than female dogs.
  5. When your female dog is in season. (Another good reason to consider having your dog spayed!)
  6. If your dog is recovering from an illness or surgery.
  7. When you’re going on a long trip with your dog and don’t know how often you’ll be able to stop for a potty break.
  8. If your pet’s environment is about to change, which may cause him stress and anxiety and lead to inappropriate elimination.

How do you choose the right diaper?

There are two kinds of dog diapers available: disposable and washable. Disposable diapers are convenient if you lead a busy life and want diapers that you can use once and then discard. With washable diapers, you also have an option to put disposable diaper liners inside to protect your pooch’s skin and catch any poop – if your dog has a problem controlling his bowels as well – which you can then dispose of. You can also add a washable diaper cover-up for extra protection.

The next thing to figure out is the diaper size you need for your dog. You usually have a choice of extra small, small, medium, large and extra large. Take your dog’s measurements, then check the packaging so you choose the right size. Also, there are diapers available that are just for males or females and some that are suitable for both.

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Look for diapers that have repositionable, fur-friendly fasteners that won’t pull on your pet’s hair; an opening for your dog’s tail that offers tail-wagging comfort, and that fit snug and securely around your dog’s legs. The diapers you choose should have a thick inner layer to absorb wetness and messes, a breathable outer layer and leak-proof protection. One line of diapers to check out comes from Simple Solution. They even offer diapers with a fashion print for trendy pooches!

So there you have it. All you need to know to get you started with dog diapers. One final thing: urine is acidic and can burn your pet’s skin if it remains in contact for too long (it’s called “urine scald” and it’s pretty painful). So make sure to check your dog’s diapers often, change as soon as your pooch has gone potty, and wash your pet’s skin to keep it clean.