Welcome to our blog! We are a team of pet lovers who believe that having a pet is joy that everyone should experience. Our company, Retail Products Group (RPG), has established a family of quality pet brands – Bags on Board, OUT!, Simple Solution and Vet’s Best – that include a range of products designed to make it easy to be a good pet parent. Whether its dietary supplements, shampoo, bags, leashes, stain removal, diapers or flea and tick solutions, we provide pet parents with the right solutions for everyday pet problems. Helping pet parents take care of their pets has been our passion for more than 30 years. The purpose of our blog is to share this passion with pet parents like you and offer tips and insights to help you enjoy life with your pet to the fullest. Which is why we named our blog Live the Pet Life! We’ve also teamed up with great veterinarians, including Drs. Sasha and Laura, and other experts in pet health, grooming, training, diet and pet lifestyle, to bring you knowledge and tips you can trust, as well as products you’ll love – and maybe even a laugh or two along the way. But this won’t be much fun without input from you too. We’d love to hear from you and welcome your comments, emails and, of course, photos of your pets! By sharing your experiences, you can help other pet parents in similar situations through the good times (welcoming a new puppy into your home!) and the challenges (kitty potty problems!). Golden retriever dog

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