There’s nothing like the smell of a wet dog in the middle of winter. Yeah, we’re wrinkling our noses, too. Letting your pup slop in the mud or play in the snow is tons of fun, but dealing with what they track inside isn’t. Luckily, cleaning the mess from those dirty paws (and coats, and noses!) is easier than it may seem.

Here are our tips for easy winter pet clean up:

Keep it simple

Don’t limit your pup’s play time just to avoid the hassle of stains. Simple Solution cleaning products offer a variety of cleaners specific to your needs. Did your pooch run amuck and leave you to clean multiple surfaces? Check. Need to fight a tough stain with a tougher odor? Look no further. Not sure how to get the grime off your new hardwood floors? Simple Solution has the answer. They’ve got cat-specific solutions too if your feline is the winter mess culprit.

If your pet is cooped up inside because of the weather, don’t let a little accident ruin your day. Simple Solution Extreme Pet Urine Destroyer is here to help.

Bathe with the best

After a day in the snow or rain, your pup is probably going to need a bath. Vet’s Best has the right shampoo for the needs of your dog: If your pup gets dry and itchy skin in the winter, try allergy itch relief shampoo orhot spot shampoo. Or indulge your dog in oatmeal medicated shampoo. If it’s too cold to bathe, try giving your best friend a waterless dog bath!

Can’t go out?

Try using OUT! instead. When the weather outside means keeping your dog indoors longer than normal, prevent accidents with puppy pads. These guys are super tough and super effective, no matter what kind of pup they’re dealing with.

Try heavy duty for your heavy weight champion. Ultimate XL for your oversized lapdog. Or odor control to keep your home smelling fresh and mess-free.

And there you have it! Easy, right? Keeping your dog happy and your home clean is possible, even in the middle of winter. All it takes it the right cleaning solution and a big, muddy puppy kiss. Or two.