Admit it – we all love to dress up our pets. From clever Halloween costumes to cozy sweaters, keeping up with your pup’s fashion game has become a cultural obsession. But with the cold winter months upon us, those extra layers serve a practical purpose! Check out a few of our suggestions to bulk up your pet’s wardrobe and keep him warm and dry this season.

Waterproof Booties

Keep your pup’s paws clean and dry during those rainy days. If you’re gearing up with rain boots to leave the house, make sure your pet is prepared as well.

Try a sleek set like these, or have a little fun with these brightly colored booties. If you live in the snow, be sure to grab a set of doggy anti-skid snow boots. These ones come in all kinds of colors!

Rain Coats

Make a four-legged fashion statement with a fun (and practical) raincoat. It seems like there are endless options out there, but here are a few that caught our eye.

This classic yellow number comes with a hood for added protection from the elements. For more coverage, this sleek raincoat has four sleeves. And if you want to keep your pup dry without him having to wear anything, try this nifty umbrella with a leash attachment!

Hats and Scarves

Alright, these might be more for the cute factor than anything else, but can you blame us? No pet’s winter wardrobe is complete without a few accessories.

Check out this adorable knit hat with snowflakes! What about this baseball cap with ear holes and tons of design options? Then finish the look off with a cozy puppy scarf. Need we say more?

These winter fashion staples for your pet will ensure he’s safe from the elements and totally in style at the same time. Don’t forget to snap a few pictures!

Did we miss anything? Share your pup’s favorite winter fashion item in the comments below.